Bernardo Prata

🎨 Character Designer

🐱 Creator of Gattuniverso

💡  Partner at Aqueles Caras studio

🐟 Creator of AquaRio's mascots

Hi! I am a brazilian professional illustrator with a degree in Industrial Design, from PUC-RJ, specialized in "Character Design".


Drawing since I was 3, I had Daniel Azulay, Maurício de Sousa, Monteiro Lobato, Stan Lee, Walt Disney and Albert Uderzo (designer of Asterix) as great inspiring idols in childhood.


Do you need illustrations for your book? I can help you!

Do you need to create characters for your campaign, book or animation? This is my specialty!

Do you need a character that represents your company? Count on me!

Have you ever thought about turning your boss into a character? Easy! Will be fun!

Since 2000 I work in my own studio, called AQUELES CARAS, where we help companies to delight their customers, through the use of CHARACTERS. During this period I had the opportunity to work with the largest companies (ex: Petrobras, Rede Globo, Coca-Cola) and advertising agencies in Brazil (ex: Africa, WMcCann, Artplan).

Visit the studio AQUELES CARAS.



I can transform ideas, services, products, companies, concepts, animals and people into CHARACTERS.

I have experience. 

I can also create complex universes. With humor and many references to pop culture, I created a parallel dimension dominated by humanoid cats, the GATTUNIVERSO, to amuse that nerd who lives in each one of us. I just released the book "ST3V3GATTO - Uma história do Gattuniverso"



Because good characters create empathy with any audience. They tell better stories than we do. They do impossible things. They move us. They connect generations. They are immortal. As a result, they can cause many changes in our society. I am proud to be, through my art, a tool to make our world a better place.


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"If Walt Disney created his entire empire with a mouse, imagine what you can do with your character!" (Bernardo Prata)