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Wanna Be Gattunian!

Feline greetings!


Embark on this reality dominated by insane cats, immerse yourself in the Gattuniverso and see what it's like to be a real gattunian!

You can also gift someone special, who loves cats. I guarantee you will not find a more creative gift in our reality!

See some examples!👇 


Reasons To Become Gattunian:

#1 Exclusivity. You will have an exclusive illustration, to decorate your room, your home or your work.

#2 Creativity. Many people receive photos or caricatures as a gift, but how many receive a cat-like version of them? That's the creativity! Surprise your friends who love cats! Turn them into cats and give them this unforgettable and hyper-creative gift!

#3 Convenience. You don't have to worry about delivery. It will all be done online. The final files are all digital.

#4 Portability. Your Gattunian version will always be with you. How? In addition to the printable formats, I will also send you a cell phone wallpaper.

#5 Personalized Service. You will follow all the steps of the creation of "your" Gattunian. We'll talk a lot!


Characteristics of gattunians:

😺 They are born with 7 lives.

😺 They have a humanoid body.


😺 Their eyes have no pupils.

😺 They have a long tail.

😺 They walk with two legs.

😺 They have only 4 fingers on their hands.

😺 They have sharp nails.

😺 They have fine, pointed teeth.

😺 They don't have cat whiskers.

😺 Their dark appearance makes everyone look like a villain.

😺 They use flyfonn3 (their cell phone).

You receive:

#1 Digital files for printing. PSD, JPG and PNG formats in sizes A5, A4, A3 and A2.

#2 Wallpapers. Vertical (for mobile) and horizontal (for desktop / notebook) format.

#3 Profile. Close-up image of the face to use in social networks.

Attention ⚠ 

Print and frame are not included!


Production time:

Step 1  (Design):

After you send me a photo (full length), I start my sketches. You will follow everything (We'll talk a lot!).

Step 2  (Painting):

After the approval of these sketches, I start digital painting (which will be exactly the same as the characters of the Gattuniverso).

Step 3  (Application):

With everything approved, I will apply the character in various formats (for printing, wallpapers and profile) and send you a download link.

The whole process takes 10 business days.

ATTENTION: If you want to order as a gift, keep this deadline in mind. 

The Creator

BERNARDO PRATA was born in 1974, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been drawing compulsively since he was three years old. Graduated in Industrial Design, he specialized in Character Design.


Since 2000 he works in his own studio, called Aqueles Caras, where he helps companies to enchant their audience using characters. 

In 2016, he won the contest to create the mascots for the largest marine aquarium in South America, AquaRio.

At Anima Mundi, he shared his experience and his method for creating characters, giving classes between 2016 and 2019.


With humor and many references to pop culture, he created the Gattuniverso literary project to amuse that nerd who lives in each one of us. The first book in the collection, "ST3V3GATTO - A history of the Gattuniverso" was released in 2020 and the next is scheduled for 2021.

Check out Bernardo Prata's portfolio:


Open For Commissions!

Questions? Talk to me:

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